These are the same irresistably cute Sakarya Anatolian Shepherd puppies that I shared with you guys last month when  I photographed them in studio.  They were around 10-15lbs at this point, and so, so ,so damn cute.  Even back then, they looked like confident little body builders.  They are also professional sleepers, and demonstrated some of their favorite comfy positions including sleeping Roadkill Style™ and everyone’s favorite, the Anatolian Puppy Pile™.  Keep checking back to the blog, as i’m currently working on part two of this series, when I returned 3 weeks later for even more PUHPPY pictures.  These little fluffballs are not so little anymore (40+lbs), and are now busy guarding ranches and families all over the country.  I’m sure Marilyn and Skip of Sakarya Anatolians misses these little guys like crazy.  You could seriously spend hours hanging out watching these hilarious anatolian puppies get their anatolian on and never get bored.  Hopefully I get the chance to meet some of the pups that went to local socal homes.