Three weeks later, I returned to Sakarya Anatolians to photograph the pooches yet again. ┬áThis time I had all of my studio gear in tow, but I made sure to get some photos of the puppies romping around the backyard because….how could you resist an opportunity to see these little beasties in action in their own element.

This time around, they were around 15-25lbs, and even more confident and brave and friendly and adorable and cute and curious and regal and ad infinitum ­čśë

I even managed to get some photos of the puppies mobbing me with kisses. ┬áThe little red girl had a serious crush on me and followed me around trying to shower me with kisses, ┬ákind of like how Miss Piggy throws herself on Kermit the frog. ┬áThey also thoroughly enjoyed the taste of my girlfriend’s boots. ┬áLOL ….