My name is James, and I am a Libra Dog (I was born in the year of the dog, according to the chinese zodiac).  That means i’m loyal–like your dog.  Your dog knows this, and he approves.

I have this irresistible urge to say “Oh Hai” to every dog I meet–sometimes several times in one sitting.  I can’t help it.  Your dog’s smile made me do it.  “Oh Hai!”  You know that’s what they’re thinking, when you get that anthropomorphic tingling while looking at your dog being just too-damn-cute and you start babbling in googly-eyed talk that makes non-dog lovers look at you like you’re insane.  Perhaps it’s also a product of the internet generation, with videos like the Ultimate Dog Tease floating around our subconscious.  “Yeeaaauuuh!”   “The maple kind!?!?”  It’s just too fun not to give your dog a voice.

I’ve been told that i’m a dog person because dogs seem to flock to me;  I don’t know about that.  What I do know is that every dog loves to get the scratchies–some secretly crave it, while others are much more overt and will profess their love of the butt scratchies day and night.  In either case, a good scratchin’ goes a long way in the dog world.  Once you hit the sweet spot and get them toe-tappin’, they’ll be your best friend.

My love affair with dogs began when I first met Chopper, my girlfriend’s rescued Anatolian Shepherd dog.  Chopper was the largest, most mellow dog i’ve ever met, and has the coolest personality I’ve ever seen in a dog.  So cool, that if you catch him unawares, you can see him rocking to the rhythm of some unknown BB King soundtrack that only he can hear.  “My name is Chopper….*da dah da da duh*  grew up on a farm… *da dah da da duh*….guarded the livestock….all night and day *da dah da da duh*…worked hard for the man…*da dah da da duh*…’till my brother ate the sheep…and they sent me awaaaay…”  Chopper is always smiling, and is a giant cheeseball (or cheznugget as we call him) with a most noble facade and a great sense of humor.  One moment he’s sitting there all regal like he’s guarding the tomb of some ancient Egyptian pharoah, and the next, he’s laying on his back looking like roadkill begging for belly rubs.  I’m also convinced that somewhere along the way on one of Chopper’s adventures, he befriended a dog genie that granted him one wish: the ability to make a rotisserie chicken magically appear whenever he walks out of his owners’ sight.  It doesn’t matter where we are; the story ends with Chopper discovering a street chicken schnack.  Chopper is, indeed, the most interesting dog in the world.
“I don’t often wander out of my owners’ sight, but when I do, I make sure it’s for a rotisserie chicken in the bushes.”

Chopper lived to make others happy; I’ve never known that a dog could be so sensitive to people’s emotions and make their happiness his priority.  Whenever I was feeling down or distraught, Chopper would come up to me, put his nose under my arm, and literally flip my arm over his giant fluffiness and lean into me until I would forget what it was that I was upset about.  I miss him everyday…

I literally have more photos of Chopper & Razi than of any person, place or thing in my life.  The number of photos I’ve been inspired to take of Chopper & Razi outnumber anything else by 10 to 1.  I choose to document my adventures and experiences with these noble dogs because they have brought so much joy to my life, and I want to preserve those moments for all time.

My goal in starting this pet photography business is to offer you the same opportunity to celebrate your best friend and to savor the moments most worth remembering.