Heather brought her fluffy lil Schnauzer, Duffy, by the downtown san diego pet photography studio the other day so that I could capture the cuteness that is her pooch.  I actually really dig Duffy’s non-traditional dog haircut and think it’s way cuter than the typical carpet-dusting classic Schnauzer cut that my mom’s dog has.  She still has the classic Schnauzer dirty beard that gives them that stately, regal ye old world pooch look, but she’s definitely unique amongst her peers.  Duffy is such a little sweetheart and flops over on her back whenever a bigger dog comes a-sniffin’.  But don’t let her looks deceive you.  I’ve seen her when her other Schnauzer dog-friend is visiting, and she takes on a newfound confidence and feistiness that belies her sweet lady-like persona.  I call that persona “super-Duffy”. Super Duffy was out fighting crime or away on vacation during the shoot.  So what you see here is the sweet, head-tilting Duffy that loves to sit pretty for her mom.