By: moroj82
Date: Sep 03, 2013
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I’m finally catching up with all of my blogging for the newly launched Boulder Pet Photographer website .  With Fall on the horizon, I figured it would be a nice contrast to the scorching hot, sunny summer days we’ve been experiencing lately, to show you these images taken during a misty spring morning in Boulder, Colorado.  I had originally intended to shoot some landscape images of the Flatirons enshrouded in a low-laying clouds after an early morning rain storm, and knew the views from the community ditch trail would be amazing.  I brought Razi along to experience a new adventure and take in the fresh spring scents, while I attempted to capture some incredible views of the Flatiron vistas.  Razi quickly grew tired of sniffing the wildflowers and wet grasses, and started to wander into my photos over and over again until it was pretty obvious that HE wanted his picture taken.  He even demonstrated a few regal anatolian shepherd poses for me to make it worth my while–that is, until he got bored again and tried to jump on my back while I was crouched down shooting wildflowers…Feisty 142lb ‘puppy’….