…Surprisingly, the next minute Razi was out like a light and quickly snoring away on the seamless paper.  It always amazes me how much dogs dream and how animated they become.  It cracks me up to watch my big dog, Chopper, start slowly kicking away while laying on his side, sometimes even breaking into a near gallop.  

I wish there was a way to see what they’re dreaming about; i’m sure it involves grassy meadows, a cool summer breeze, and bacon-flavored rabbits running just out of reach.

Razi’s episode of dreaming, however,  was an exception.  Just as quickly as the snoring started, it now faded away into an odd suckling sound.  Yep, my not-so-little 11 week old puppy was dreaming that he was back on the ranch with his momma, Inci (In-jee), suckling the good schtuff.  Shortly thereafter, he was passed out in snooze-ville.  So I couldn’t resist grabbing his teddy and his lamby for some ‘OMG so damn cute” photos.