I’ve been talking with Marilyn of Sakarya Anatolian Shepherds for some time now about her upcoming litter of Anatolian Shepherd puppies.  I was originally planning on adopting up one of these little pups but, as fate would have it, I received a call from Nick and Kim of Siginak Anatolians back in november telling me that they had a puppy with my name on it. Shortly thereafter, Razi wiggled his way into my life.  Still, i’ve been following this litter closely and jumped at the opportunity to photograph them when Marilyn told me that their mom, Rory,  had finally come into heat.

It was truly an honor to be given the opportunity to photograph these puppies.  Marilyn and her husband Skip have been breeding these majestic dogs for longer than i’ve been alive, and have an entire wall in their house dedicated to the long list of awards and accolades that they’ve won over the years.  They owned and  bred the first Anatolian Shepherd dog to win at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show , and were instrumental in getting the breed recognized by the AKC.  This litter of 8 puppies from Rory & Alp are the couple’s final litter after 37 years of breeding Anatolian Shepherd dogs.   I’ve since spent 3 visits sitting with her,  learning about the history of the beautiful dogs that she and her husband have bred over the years.  It was definitely an emotional experience hearing the stories over the years leading up to this litter of 8 adorable anatolian shepherd puppies.


If you’ve never seen an Anatolian Shepherd puppy before, then you don’t know what you’re missing.  

These guys are like little fluffy body builders with giant floppy ears and some of the most stunning markings you’ll ever see on a dog.

They were so utterly well-behaved during the shoot it wasn’t even funny.  The literally stood there and posed for me, like, “ok,  did ya get the shot? did ya? did ya?”  So friggin’ cute.  Not at all freaked out by my alien bee strobes that were blasting away.  Such a great temperament.  There are 5 boys and 3 girls in this litter.  The girls have such sweet personalities, while the boys are confident little dudes ready to take on the world.  It took every ounce of self-control I had to fight the urge to scoop these little guys up and run for the hills.

To date, i’m pretty sure that no one has photographed a litter of Anatolian Shepherd puppies in a studio before.  So this is definitely a first for me.  Anyway,  show these photos to your girlfriend, best friend, your mom and fellow dog-lovers, and tell me that they don’t start drooling and melting over these puppies 🙂

*warning: massive amounts of cute puppy photos*