In a purely vain and selfish gesture to add to Razi’s extensive list of laurels, I decided to enter his Anatolian Shepherd puppy awesomeness into the Dog of the Week Competition in Modern Dog Magazine.

While there are plenty of cute pooches entered into this competition, an Anatolian Shepherd has yet to sit atop the list as Dog of the Week.  Razi and Chopper have deemed this predicament to be totally unacceptable and in need of remedy ASAP!

I mean, seriously, come OOOoon!  How many puppies can palm a tennis ball at 3 months old!

Razi has already gained a solid number of fans from the Anatolian Shepherd groups on Facebook, but is in need of some serious help to compete against the current top runners that have amassed over 3,000  votes.


So clicky, clicky and help Razi achieve stardom!  🙂