These photos are very special to me, and i’m sure, priceless to Xando’s owner, Aaron, as he hired me to preserve the memory of his best friend that’s been through thick and thin with him for the past 15 years.  Xando’s unique name was inspired by a local coffee shop his owner used to frequent way back when in Washington D.C.  I’ve photographed many dogs, and i’ve never met another Xando.  This old guy is truly unique in his own special way.  Xando, the white labrador retriever, was born with hip dysplasia, yet Aaron adopted him into the family and has been best buds with his furry friend since before his kids were born.  I can only imagine the history and adventures these two have been on together, but I can say for certain that it takes someone with a heart of gold to invite such a challenged puppy into their life.    

Xando has returned the favor 100 times over by giving Aaron his canine companionship over a cherished 15 years.  Truly, Man’s Best Friend.